The National Industries Group and its subsidiaries

The National Industries Group and its subsidiaries

Following on the last post, the National Industries Group has released a video explaining more about what the Group do. The National Industries Group is a Kuwaiti company which was established in 1960 as the National Industries Company. At its foundation, the company dealt mainly in the building material manufacturing market. As well as the National Industries Company, today the Group own a collection of companies covering a variety of industrial sectors.

Proclad Group International

Proclad, one of the Group’s subsidiaries, provides technological equipment and support to the oil and gas industries. Proclad’s mechanically bonded, hydro-formed clad line pipe has received industry recognition. Proclad supplies to oil and gas providers in the Middle East, South East Asia, the North Sea and Australasia.

Ikarus Petroleum Industries

A highly successful subsidiary company of the National Industries Group, Ikarus Petroleum Industries is a leading investor and innovator in the Middle Eastern energy industry. Led by a group of highly respected energy industry professionals, Ikarus is leading the way throughout the Middle East in terms of energy and petrochemical production and expansion. In 2008, Ikarus was listed in the Kuwait Stock Exchange.

Ikarus is a major shareholder in leading petrochemical brands, including Tasnee, International Vinyl Acetate Co, International Acetyl Co and Sipchem. Ikarus’s professional team bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the company’s investment strategies. Ikarus Petroleum Industries has developed plans to implement substantial increases in shareholder equity via the creation of focussed energy groups.

Al Durra National Real Estate

This subsidiary of the National Industries Group was established in 2005 to lead the expansion of the real estate industry throughout the Middle East and the Persian Gulf. Al Durra National Real Estate secures up to date information on market trends in order to predict future movements, thereby ensuring the continual development of the company’s initiative and accelerated growth. Al Durra provide top level advice, utilising highly trained professionals in the real estate sector. The company looks forward to continued growth via a number of strategic alliances it has created in the Middle East and Gulf regions.

Noor Financial Investment Co

Noor, another subsidiary company, is an investment and financial service provider based in Kuwait. Noor Financial Investment Co recently expanded its activities internationally, and now has interests throughout the Middle East as well as in Asia and a number of other emerging markets.

Noor is a proven market leader in terms of its expertise in asset management, risk management and investment banking. Noor offer a wide range of services and products, including assistance with mergers and acquisitions, management of client investment portfolios, investment restructuring, corporate defence support and management of risk architecture.

Other subsidiary companies of the Kuwaiti National Industries Group include:

  • NIC Holding UK.
  • Eagle Investment Ltd.
  • Eagle Proprietary Investments Ltd.
  • NIG Guernsey Ltd.
  • GW/Gas Division.
  • Kuwait Ceramic Factory Co.
  • Combined National Industries Holding Co. for Energy.
  • Economic Holding Co.
  • Denham Investment.