Frequently Asked Questions

Throughout his long career Fahad Al-Rajaan has been associated with a number of prominent organisations, institutions and companies. This page provides answers to some of the questions most often asked in relation to several of these associations.


How has KIC supported the economic development process in Kuwait?

The Kuwait Investment Company (KIC) was established in the same year that Kuwait gained independence and as such has been a leader in supporting the economic development process, representing an early vision of economic and political leadership. The company was instrumental in the implementation of new standards in the investment industry, acting as a role model for the establishment and management of institutions across the financial services industry. KIC has been listed as a pioneer company recognised as developing momentum and contributing to building a strong national economy.


What schools and colleges are part of American University?

American University provides more than 100 programs in arts, social sciences, humanities, sciences and education through the College of Arts and Sciences. The Kogod School of Business offers undergraduate and post-graduate business qualifications including an MBA, while the School of International Service acts as a foundation preparing graduates for global service in business, government and non-profit sectors. Washington College of Law specialises in legal degrees and the School of Public Affairs offers top-ranked education in public administration, justice, government and policy. The School of Communication focuses on media-based programs including journalism, electronic media and strategic communication, while the School of Professional and Extended Studies offers unique opportunities for graduates and undergraduates in academia and internships.


How has the Industrial Bank of Kuwait contributed to industrial development in Kuwait?

The Industrial Bank of Kuwait operates solely to provide convenient finance and banking services to the industrial sector, facilitating performance development and expansion and enhancing profitability. The bank continuously updates both human and technology resources to provide an efficient, professional and accessible service.


What property types does the Kuwait Real Estate Investment Consortium deal with?

The Kuwait Real Estate Investment Consortium deals with a wide variety of property types, both residential and commercial. Examples include the Sawfar Hills development close to Beirut, which offers six plots for entertainment and 66 plots for housing in an exclusive and attractive area of Mount Lebanon, the KREIC Office Building with its 25 x 250-square foot floors of prime office space, and the BneidAlgar residential apartment complex.