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The National Industries Group’s Corporate Mission

In the last post in the series on the Kuwaiti National Industries Group, we take a look at the company’s corporate mission. As Chairman of the National Industries Group, Saad Mohammed Al Saad has worked diligently for almost 50 years, building up the company’s enviable reputation as a powerful international corporation. The Group has grown in leaps and bounds over the years, widening its... read more

The National Industries Group and its subsidiaries

Following on the last post, the National Industries Group has released a video explaining more about what the Group do. The National Industries Group is a Kuwaiti company which was established in 1960 as the National Industries Company. At its foundation, the company dealt mainly in the building material manufacturing market. As well as the National Industries Company, today the Group own a collection... read more

The National Industries Group, Kuwait

The National Industries Group, through its expertise and dedication, is a Kuwaiti corporate success story. The National Industries Group started its corporate life as a construction material manufacturing company, before growing steadily over the years to become the major multi-national conglomerate we see today. Through the company’s unwavering commitment, diligent work and exceptional capabilities, the National Industries Group manages a diverse range of activities... read more

The Kuwaiti Public Institution for Social Security

Kuwait’s Public Institution for Social Security is managed by its appointed Deputy General and several other Deputies. The Director General represents this government institution in respect of its relationships with Kuwaiti citizens, public and private bodies as well as in Kuwaiti Courts. The Director General of the Public Institution for Social Security, Fahad Al Rajaan, is responsible for executing government policy. The policy is... read more

Kuwait Investment Company

Kuwait Investment Company, established in 1961, was the first investment company not only of Kuwait, but also the surrounding region. The Kuwait Investment Company was created in the context of the flourishing Kuwaiti economy in the latter half of the 20th Century. Fahad Al-Rajaan served as the company’s issues department manager from 1975 to 1981. Discover more via the Fahad Al-Rajaan YouTube channel. Kuwait’s... read more

The American University, Washington DC

Following on from our previous post about The Kuwait Real Estate Investment Consortium. The American University of Washington DC was established on 5th December 1982. Its motto is “pro deo et patria”, meaning “for God and country”. At the time of its inception, this educational establishment was affiliated with the Christian Methodist faith. John Fletcher Hurst, a Methodist bishop, was largely responsible for the... read more

The Kuwait Real Estate Investment Consortium

The Kuwait Real Estate Investment Consortium is one of Kuwait’s leading companies. The Consortium is responsible for the application of business strategy, achieving results both for its own portfolios and those of their clients from astute international investment. The Kuwait Real Estate Investment Consortium’s Investment Department focuses on attaining a strong competitive edge, whilst maintaining strong business principles. Fahad Al Rajaan’s Bloomberg profile investigates... read more