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Hello and welcome to this blog, which has been established by Fahad Al-Rajaan as a platform to discuss the various institutions, organisations and companies that he has been associated with throughout his career. These include board memberships, chairmanships, management positions and educational associations across the world.


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Fahad Al-Rajaan has been associated with many different organisations, businesses and institutions over the years, both in a professional capacity and through his education. This blog will take a closer look at those associations, beginning with American University, the educational institution renowned for turning out politically active leaders of tomorrow.


You can expect to find posts exploring the work of the various financial institutions Fahad Al-Rajaan has been associated with, such as the Kuwait Real Estate Investment Consortium and the Kuwait Investment Company (KIC), which has played a prominent role in supporting the economy of Kuwait throughout the latter half of the 20th century. There will be overviews of the award-winning Ahli United Bank and Wafra Investment Advisory Group Inc, at both of which Fahad Al-Rajaan has held the position of Chairman.


You will be able to read about how the Industrial Bank of Kuwait has helped to shape industrial investment in the region and about the strategy and investment portfolio of Pargesa Group SA. There will be further posts examining how Groupe Bruxelles Lambert has created value for its shareholders over the years and looking at the Egyptian Gulf Bank in Cairo, where Fahad Al-Rajaan was Chairman from 1982 to 1986.


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